Open Lifemap with City Boundary

Idea: LifeMap currently opens either to the default map location, or to the center of a user-selected city defined in their settings. I propose having the LifeMap open up within the city boundaries itself, with boundary showing.

Rationale: this would primarily improve Node Hunter usability, assuming that a Strider is focused on nodes within their city. The benefit would be that nodes only appear within the selected city, instead of across the whole LifeMap. This would allow functional use of Node Hunter at a more zoomed-out level on the map (which is otherwise limited by the 1,000 node limit).

Optionality: one could imagine an additional settings selection whereby users define whether or not they want the city view as default on LifeMap or the current non-city view default.

Note: This is very similar to the discussion around All city boundaries displayed on Lifemap; would have added the comment there but the thread is closed. The difference is that currenty functionality of “Toggling CityMap” does not affect which nodes shown up in Node Hunter.

I think I’d suggest that the LifeMap isn’t the best page for this, and the city page (as visited from your profile page) should be used instead. The four-arrows button at the bottom of the right button set expands the map to full screen, to provide the same full-page view that the LifeMap page provides.

It is a bit clunky to get from any page in the site to your user-specific city page … You have to first go to your profile page, and then navigate from there to the city page.

I think I’d be more inclined to improve that navigation flow than I would be to add options/settings to LifeMap.



Totally fair. Thanks for the consideration & explanation!
Don’t think there’s anything to change in that case.