Ability to show nearby cities

Idea, may have been brought before. When vacationing, commonly we are in unknown areas. We know “where we are”, but we may not the municipale district/borders.

Could a feature be added where a list of nearby cities could be rendered from your current location or searched based upon a location.

The instance that I am specific about. Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts is Residential area in the Town of Bourne, MA - someone vacationing there may want to check out the roads in that township ahead of time but not know what town to search for in CityStrides.

This goes along with the comment @brad made, in that, I would not know what the names of the neighboring Towns are to search CityStrides

Other Similar Ideas:

Thanks for surfacing those!

Things are slowly making their way towards enabling all these features - it’s now possible to show multiple city borders on the map.
Now it needs the ability to “show city borders” or “show cities in view” … and then maybe some way to switch context of incomplete streets :thinking:

It’s almost taking away the idea of individual city pages and replacing it with a view which lets you work with incomplete/complete/striders data based on what you select from the map (or some kind of search/menu interface).
I’ve definitely had it in the back of my mind for a while to have a full screen map, with web UI that shows/hides information that you want to work with (be it your activities, a list of cities, or a list of streets, etc). These requests seem to me to kind of point in that direction.


So, showing multiple city borders on the map - how does that work exactly? Is it just a programmed thing so far without the ability for us to toggle it or use it?

You can use that from either the Cities page (linked from the top left menu) or from a region’s page.
Each city shows it’s region/country info in the top of the left column. Those are links, so you can go from your city page to its region’s page & then search/show/hide cities in there.

That cities page does need some help. Only allowing search by city name is fine but it would be better if you could filter by country/region from that main list.
I’m not sure if there’s more than the one idea post for that: City search results


Oh WOW!!! PSYCHED! this multi city thing is so cool!

I’m sorry James, but I do not see something to “use” from the Cities page that would elicit anything other than a city. And what is the Regions page?

Also, starting today, I cannot see any of the runs in each city view, only on my Life Map.

If you visit your view of Albany: https://citystrides.com/users/6976/cities/308, that “New York, United States” is a link to https://citystrides.com/regions/812. From there, you can click the ‘show’ button for each city to show them on the map.

To view your LifeMap on city pages, click the top button - the icon looks like an unfolded map. Details in Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)

Ok, cool got it. Thank you!

Now what would be really cool and helpful. Staying with the theme of Albany, to see a list of adjacent Cities. Or am I not seeing where that option is.

No, that doesn’t exist yet. I’ve kind of hinted at the same/similar idea, above:

You add some nuance to the idea - displaying “all cities adjacent to the city I’m currently viewing”

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Since @jpbari pointed out the other similar ideas…

And since Node Hunter has Red Nodes, that when clicked show more info…

I was wondering if city names might also be links?

With this idea to see the adjacent areas, a link to the CS page might be good.

Off to see how this works now.

Cheers, Eric