City search results

If i search for “Denmark” i get three results. two American cities and one Austrian city, but no Danish cities.

When searching for a city it would be nice if the search included all fields.
The results could then be sorted with cities first, then states and countries last.

Just came here to see if anyone else had made the same suggestion! It would be great to be able to search by country within the city listings, otherwise it’s a trudge through 14,356 pages of search!


This does not really affect me, but I like the idea.

That being said, there have been a few times it would have been super helpful to narrow the search.

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There is probably no need for that anymore since it is all nested already.
On a city or street page, you can click on the name of a region to get a list of the cities in this region.
If you then click on the country when you are on the region page, you get the list of the regions in this country.


That’s brilliant Denis - thanks - I had no idea that was the case now. Problem solved for me anyway.

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