What do you wish you knew about CityStrides sooner?

I’m putting together a short set of emails that give new members some useful tips, and it’ll be most helpful if I can address the things that people actually wished they knew about.

I’ve got a very basic list to start with:

  • pinned cities help make info more readily available
  • the homepage includes lots of relevant info as a one-stop shop
  • you can connect multiple services to a single CityStrides account
  • revoking access deletes data

Then some more in-depth topics:

  • Tips on monitoring progress, and planning
  • Node Hunter (and how it pairs well with LifeMap Live), and Route Builder

Maybe a brief description of OSM. Not necessarily how to go in and fix things but more that the data comes from there and general time frames for updates.


Always check Streets Progressed after each run - a wonky GPS trace or missed node could mean the street wasn’t tagged as complete.

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  • Only runs/walks/hikes account for node completion, not cycling activities
  • Mention this forum! For some reason I only found this quite late
  • Private activities on Strava will not show for other users in Citystrides either
  • I’d have liked to know a bit more about the community – how many active users, from how many countries, maybe some stats around the region with most/least users etc.

Something about potential issues with OSM (inaccessible nodes) and methods of fixing (marking manually complete, learning how to edit OSM, or asking for editing help here in the forum)

The amazing value of route builder with the ability to create complex routes to complete many streets and the ability to load those routes into various watches or phone apps to provide turn by turn navigation of them.

How to view the progress of other striders for your cities in progress