Custom "city" areas

[apologies if this has been discussed previously - I searched, and was unable to find a previous “idea”]

I live in London. Greater London is 39,000 streets / 17,000km. The person in first place has done 29% complete. i.e. it’s too big to plausibly complete.

Conveniently, London Boroughs are also available as Cities in Citystrides. These seem to be a nice size for a challenge - most are 1000-2000 streets.

As I’m getting close to completing my borough, I’ve been thinking about what next. And what I’d really like would be to define my own area boundary to track progress against.

I could imagine two different flavours of this:

  1. “Non-administrative” areas that are meaningful to lots of people. In London, a great example would be “Zone 1” or “Zone 2” - fare zones defined by London’s public transport administration. These would be understood by every Londoner on CityStrides, and would probably be more intuitive than the Boroughs to most.

Other examples would be local areas in London - e.g. Peckham, East Dulwich, Herne Hill, Brixton etc.

The difficulty is that neither of these boundaries are “officially” defined, as far as I know. Perhaps OSM London experts know different?

The main point is that Leaderboards would be meaningful to lots of people for these sorts of areas. Perhaps there’s an feature analogy with Strava segments? Perhaps the number of Global cities that would benefit from this is small enough that these could be manually curated?

  1. An arbitrary area that is only really of interest to me. No point in a leaderboard, but I’d be interested to track my progress towards a personally meaningful goal.

I could imagine drawing out an area on the CityStrides map, giving it a name, and then it showing up in my list of Cities like any other. I assume it would be simpler if it only showed up in my list. This would avoid an explosion of mostly meaningless areas, and possibly avenues for abuse of the feature?

just chiming in to say I like this idea a lot. It would also help striders in cities like Boston where there are no definitions to the neighborhoods, so people could draw their own arbitrary ones for neighborhoods like Back Bay, Allston, etc.

I also like this idea. For your 2nd point, it would be nice if it also included an option to draw a circle of a specific radius around a selected point, so you could e.g. create a custom area “10km radius around your home” or similar.


Interesting idea. Here in Amsterdam we have ‘stadsdelen’ (~ boroughs), I am aiming to run those one by one. They are official entities, but OSM doesn’t want to map them because of reasons. So this would help.

I think this idea could be split into 2 implementations:

  • show the custom area on a map and only show not run nodes inside this area. That would already be a big help for me
  • make the area just like a city, with a list of completed streets etc. I think this might be very resource for CS though.

Great idea - but who says I can’t complete Greater London? Ok I am on 29% but I was on less than 10% in January - it’s good to have goals - ok I might have to move house eventually but that’s a minor inconvenience :joy: