I’m guessing this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t immediately find anything related to it…

I get it that only streets within incorporated city limits are included in CityStrides. I mostly run/walk in the San Fernando Valley of the city of Los Angeles, so that hasn’t been much of an issue.

But I’m visiting family in Marin County for the holidays and I was reminded about the unincorporated omissions on this morning’s 7-mile run which had 0 completed, 0 progressed. These streets are in unincorporated Marinwood which has a postal & GPS address of neighboring incorporated San Rafael, CA. The border between them, though, is indistinguishable since the types of homes and businesses are the same.

Is it possible for CityStrides to continue designating cities as it’s been doing, but then to also designate the remainder of any county’s named streets within one giant unincorporated county? So, in this case, one could run/walk in the city of San Rafael, but, then, due to lack of precise boundaries, places like Marinwood would be lumped together (for CityStrides purposes) with other unincorporated towns like Lucas Valley, Nicasio, and Santa Venetia into an “Unincorporated Marin County” category.

I think part of the point of CityStrides is to get out and see one’s city, but there are so many unincorporated areas that are citylike that is feels weird for them to not be included too.

Thank you,
Scott Trimble

Hi Scott, your issue sounds similar to mine with unincorporated Pinellas County in Florida. This thread may have some useful advice for you on how to go about getting it into OSM and then CS, although I’ll caveat that I never followed through with the OSM editing discussed in the thread as it slid to the back of my back burner and then behind the stove, to murder the metaphor. But maybe it will help you if you’re more thorough than I. Cheers

Edit: forgot the link Question about/plea for help with unincorporated area

Kevin, that link is very helpful. Thank you. I’ve made thousands of OSM updates (50-100 changes per day for almost a year), but, yeah, I really need to start learning JOSM instead of ID.

I’ll eventually add some specific unincorporated areas (especially ones that are very well-defined, like Marina Del Rey, Altadena, and Topanga in L.A. County). But I guess my question still goes beyond this still…

CityStrides recognizes cities under the right admin level and, as you pointed out, it’s possible for unincorporated cities to get recognized.

But I’m wondering about a catch-all that would need to be set up by @JamesChevalier – a way for all of the county leftovers to get bundled together as “Unincorporated XXX County”. That would include any of a county’s named streets that are NOT in a previously-defined city or previously-defined unincorporated area.

With a few programming tweaks, CityStrides would suddenly be able to easily include just about every named walkable street in America and perhaps beyond…

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This is a great idea. Altadena CA would be top of my list for this. I would love to create it in OSM but honestly can barely get out to exercise these days much less learn JOSM!

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Bump. @JamesChevalier, I wanted to bring this back to your attention. When I first posted, you were in the middle of fixing a big tech issue (lifemaps not updating), so this idea was very likely missed.

What are your thoughts on creating a single catch-all for all of a county’s unincorporated streets?

Thank you,
Scott Trimble

I feel like this has some similarities to Custom "city" areas

There’s a lot to think about here between wanting custom areas, larger areas, and coverage that isn’t there right now…

I don’t know your coding structure, but here’s a quickie example to illustrate what I mean. See Los Angeles County (California, USA) above. The white areas are incorporated cities (they currently get counted in CS) and the pink areas are unincorporated county areas (which CS currently ignores).

  • User completes a street (a set of street nodes with the same name).
  • Is that street within an incorporated city (based on OSM admin levels)…?
    • If yes, then add 1 to completed streets under that “City X”.
    • If no, then is it part of pink county level (based OSM admin levels)?
      • If yes, then add 1 to completed streets under “Unincorporated Y County” (the catch-all).
      • If no, then ignore it (similar to what is done currently for one level earlier).

Of course, the true hierarchy is more complicated to include progressed streets not yet completed, and other variations. But this should give the idea how I’m imagining the unincorporated county areas could be collected in one fell swoop.