Viewing the streets I've ran on the life map with a perimeter line around my city

When viewing my life map it would be good to have the perimeter line of my different cities their also, just makes it easier to plan my runs to be inside of the perimeter of the city I’m running that day/week ect.

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Hey if you go to your profile and click on the city (like in your other query) you can turn your lifetime map on and it will overlay with the city outline.
I’m not sure how to do it with multiple city outlines.

What I meant was I can see all the streets I’ve ran in the life map, what I’d like to see is the same in the city map as that has the boundary lines around it
Hope that makes my point a bit clearer.

check this:

I’ve tried that but still not seeing the borderline around my city from the lifetime map
Not sure if I’m doing something different from you?

I pressed profile then my city but I’m only seeing the borderline around my city but no activities in or around my city.

Have you toggled your lifetime map on in the city view. The photo above is what it looks like on the mobile site. Pretty sure it’s in the same place on a desktop. Hopefully that helps.

Wondered what that was for! Thanks buddy I can see it now👍

I am not sure if I understand this correctly. I can see a blue City outline if I toggle Amsterdam but no trackings. If i toggle life map the outline of the city disappears. I would like the outline of the city AND the tracking in one picture. But I cannot find a way to do that?

Go into your city then press toggle then press map not lifemap wait a few seconds then it should come through.

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aha, thanks. I am fairly new to city strides, and I couldn’t find it but this is great!