Troubleshooting Route Builder

I have to manually draw large portions of my default ‘leaving my neighborhood’ route because the route builder doesn’t seem to recognize in separated bike lanes (both “Cycle Path” and “Cycle and Foot Path” in OSM)…at least not the ones near me. I’ve gone into OSM to make sure everything is connected and it is. Can I get a quick rundown of what is included and excluded from Route Builder selecting paths when you use the default building tool (rather than the manual straight line override)?

In the screenshot below, my path is at the blue circle and the next area I click is the green circle…and you see that Route Builder’s logic takes me as close as it thinks it can to the green circle.

The bikelane has a foot=no it looks like. I do not use the citystrides route builder, but it seems like the likely culprit?

There is also a lot of under construction paths there (is that still true or are they finished?), but I don’t think they’re the one interfering at first glance.

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you always can choose manual lines in routebuilder. and overrule the automapping

Geez…I saw cycle & foot path had foot=designated, but didn’t notice the cycle path was foot=no. How stupid, this isn’t Copenhagen! Probably more walkers and joggers in [these] bike lanes than actual bikes. Thanks for the eagle eye!

Oh I do, basically every day. But hopefully not anymore next time OSM updates…