Troubleshooting Route Builder part 2

So I read this: Troubleshooting Route Builder

And I think this is different.

Why did RB take me on this “service road”, with no name, and “Allowed Access” is all “private”?

Thank you

PS. Does the icon shown when in “router mode” vs. “straight line” seem backwards to anyone? Shouldn’t it indicate the mode you are in, not “can be” in?

Location: OpenStreetMap

Braddock St. and N Crook St

The Route Builder’s routing is not internal to CityStrides, it’s a service I call out to. This means it doesn’t have the same definition of streets as is used to bring data into CityStrides.

:thinking: I think it does. When you open the Route Builder UI, it defaults to the automatic routing mode & it shows the squiggly button (to be sure - in this case it’s the “S” shaped button next to the “2.56 miles” in your screen shot). If you click that button, it switches to a straight line icon & it does not attempt to automatically route you anywhere, it just draws a straight line.