This website is under heavy load (queue full) redux

I haven’t been able to get the site to load for past 15+ minutes :confounded: need to plan my long run route before tomorrow. Sorry for whining but I hope this doesn’t happen too often in the future!

I saw someone posted this previously This website is under heavy load (queue full) and it was related to something James was changing with the database, so I hope this is indeed a rare event…

I don’t know what caused it this time, and it was down for so long because I’m out of town with very limited computer access. I haven’t seen this happen much (at all) in the last few months.

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Have a great vacation! For what it’s worth, seems to be back up now (or at least loaded after I saw your message) :+1:

This was bugging me today too while trying to adjust a route while I was out on it. Glad it’s better now!