Thank you for the Christmas gift of boundaries on the life map!

Hi Jim,

Merry Christmas and thank you for the gift of boundaries on our life map! Just spotted it this morning (sad reflection on my street bagging obsession) and it’s a delight! Although it has highlighted that I really need to get to grips with trying to figure out how to add more areas as things are a bit patchy here in Scotland :slight_smile:. I’m rather jealous of all those better mapped areas!

Thanks again for all the work you do to keep the site going and improving. Your work is much appreciated.



I see them on my Ipad with Safari. I assume you press the globe symbol in the left menu?

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Wow! What a great/intersting addition. Really shows the disparity in the levels of detail that different areas are divided into. Is there anything we can do (within OSM assumedly) to make this standard across the UK?
As Catriona mentioned, Scotland is radically empty of boundaries! Wales is completely split. Some counties of England are split but many are not.
When scrolling across the world, this shows why “cities” in (for example) the USA and France are easier to attain than those in England.
I also notice that Greater London is showing as one boundary, with none of the 32 “cities” (boroughs) within it showing up - which seems contrary to the “extra” subdivision in evidence in other areas.

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No, this is just a to-do item on my list. I need to go through the larger areas and check to see if smaller areas are mapped out accurately within them. Most of the time they are, but I have seen a number of them that aren’t - so I can’t just bulk reload all of them.

Yeah, I set this up to ignore nested cities. In the case of London, both Greater London and all of its boroughs are present in CityStrides. In the other areas you noticed, where they’re mapped out at much smaller sizes, there isn’t a larger area present in CityStrides.
:sweat_smile: Hopefully that makes sense

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@JamesChevalier I’m staggered and impressed and in awe of a) how quickly you reply to people who post here and b) your intimate knowledge of ALL the detail. An absolute legend sir - long may it continue. Thank you for everything you do!
Absolutely no rush for you to attend to my comment about sub-dividing the rest of the UK - but please shout if there is anything you need from a UK-based brain to help you suss out the nuances of how the place is split
Gold star for you :sparkles:



Thanks! I do post at times about places that I’m questioning - two examples are Do I need to correct Cornwall, England? and Leicestershire, UK (and others) (which might actually contain some still-useful conversation)
I’ll try to remember to tag you in any future posts, but you can also check the City/Street/Node Issues category at times - that’s where I place those posts.


Loving this view! Really shows how extensive CS coverage is by now. Some of those northern “cities” in Russia look like a proper challenge :laughing:

I completed the city of Dunfermline last year for my second finish and was ‘pleasantly’ surprised a couple of months ago when I got a message to congratulate me on completing 10% of Fife, the county it is in. Now I have another challenge :-). I think I ought to tackle some of the non-coastal towns and save the delight of all the little picturesque East Neuk villages until the end. I think this could keep me busy for a while!