Do I need to correct Cornwall, England?

I imported Cornwall, England - CityStrides but it looks like this might actually be a county. My instinct is to delete this, and instead import the admin_level 10 places within it.

That would turn out to be these places ( overpass turbo )

Some randomly-selected examples are:

For anyone local (enough) to Cornwall … Does that seem like the right choice?

I’m new here (well, new to thinking about the mapping, anyway).

Cornwall is a county, and quite a rural one. They’ve got 6 small cities, 30 towns, and a lot of open space.

Some other similar counties (e.g. next door Devon) look to be split into genuine cities (e.g. Exeter and Plymouth) and administrative areas (e.g. West Devon, South Hams). Cornwall doesn’t really have that convenient mid-level grouping of administrative areas, as they have a single council.

So you might be stuck with either the whole county or the level 10 places. I’m biased - my reason for being here is to think about nested cities in my 7500 street home city - but I’d agree with your instinct

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I’m not particularly local but your instinct seems right to me too, the whole county of Cornwall is huge but the level 10 areas have the towns I’d expect to find as distinct CityStrides units as well as lots of rural parishes.