Sync button not visible anymore?

The automatic sync has working for me for the last few days (May 21, 22, and 23). However I am still missing the days where you were doing your work and the manual sync went away. May 18, 19, and 20 have still not uploaded. Any way to recover them? Thanks.

My Profile page is: and I am using MapMyRun.

Auto-sync stopped around May 17. You manually synced my runs from May 18 and 20. Since then the automatic sync is still not kicking in, missing runs from May 22 and 24. Syncing is from RunKeeper.

For me, may 17 and may 21 are missing. At least for those days, there no syncing at all?

Hi James,

The syncing is still not working for me. I have four runs on Strava that are not displayed in citystrides: May 19th, 20th, 22nd, and 24th. Perhaps your sync fix is still catching up but I thought I would let you know.

My profile page is: Michael Senior - CityStrides and I am using Strava.

May 30th - Still not synced since May 17th.

Likewise, my last run that shows up is the 18th and I’ve got 3 new ones over the week since then.

After the manual sync button disappeared there was a automatic sync upto May 21 but
the sync did not work automatically for my run on May 24.

Hey everyone, can you edit your note here to include a link to your profile page (for example mine is ) as well as the tracking service being used?

Same for any future notes…

This will hopefully let me research to see if there’s a pattern (certain users, certain trackers, etc).

Sorry for the trouble! Hopefully I can get this sorted quickly.

I am using mapmyrun. My 5/20 run is not showing up.


I’m synced up to May 21st. Runs from May 23 & 24th are not visible.

My account stopped syncing 12th of May.

I use Runkeeper.

Would it be possible to just have the sync button back?

My last run from May 24 is synced now. I’m now fully up to date now.

I use Strava. My runs are synced up to May 20, but I’ve run every day since that and those runs don’t show up. Thanks for working on this!

My account has synced now! Thank you!

My friend’s account still isn’t showing data from the past few days:
He uses Strava.
My sync has stopped from may 17 on. None of my runs have shown up since.
I am using Runkeeper.
Hope you can get it fixed :slight_smile:

I seemed to have worked around the auto-sync problem by adding my Strava tracker to the RunKeeper tracker (the latter which stopped auto-syncing). From my Strava account (which holds the same run data as my RK account) auto-syncing started immediately. My CityStrides account has all recently missing runs again - plus all previous runs since June 11, 2016 duplicated, but that’s okay.
I hope this fixes things permanently. And perhaps this story helps you to identify the root cause. Cheers

Bearlington Bear - CityStrides - not synched since May 24; uses Runkeeper.

and - joined May 22 - uses Runkeeper; not synched for the first time yet.


I log in through Runkeeper

Synced automatically up to May 16th. Runs from May 20,21,23,26 & 28th are not yet showing.
Thanks in advance!

Still not synced since May 18.

Syncing has been uneven for last 2 weeks. Definitely not updating on 24 hour cycle, but has been eventually updating.

Profile is

Oddly, when May 24 run synced, it shows no new streets or completed or progressed, even though I’ve never run there before.


Hi James, my account (Curtis Eubanks - CityStrides) hasn’t synced since May 15 (11 runs unsynced so far). I use runkeeper.