Sync button not visible anymore?


When I log in with Runkeeper I cannot see the button “sync” anymore.
Did I do something wrong or is the sync button temporarily disappeared?


Yeah, I just removed that temporarily.

I’m working on implementing webhooks, and I need to stop manual syncing during my work. The daily sync will still occur, though.

The good news is that when I’m done with this work, your activities will automatically and immediately be brought into CityStrides. :smile:


The only concern I see there is that activity names will all be things like “Afternoon Run”, because directly on upload (and if sync is immediate) the Strava activities won’t yet be named. So I would have to delete the activities and re-sync them to get the names up to date, or have a way to rename activities. Another alternative might be a “metadata sync” only?


I use Runkeeper, which doesn’t have a name - it has a notes field. I think that’s where I shove the Strava activity name (into the Notes field in CityStrides).

Sounds like there are some options:

  • The activity should be editable so the Notes can be customized within CityStrides
  • The activity should be “re-sync-able” so I can pull the updated Name
  • Strava runners should just chill and not worry about activity names or notes (just kidding don’t track me down and demolish all my segments)

Am I missing any other options?
Does anything here stand out as a particularly good option (probably not that third option :wink: )?


Well I am probably one of the more psycho city stride users so maybe my opinion is a bit eccentric, but:

1 is a bit annoying because I already edit name is Garmin Connect, my Training Log, AND Strava. I could edit it in City Strides, but… actually being able to double click the “notes” field from the Profile page for a quick edit in place would be pretty damned easy. I’d probably go that route.
2 is doable, but if it’s going to cost you a ton of API calls and overhead… might be a pain. If you can do cheap metadata fetches then maybe it works. I don’t know enough about how it all works.
3 is certainly possible. But in that case, having notes at all makes little sense, if they are not editable. I don’t need 5000 notes that say “Morning Run”. Anyway, aren’t you going to run into the same issue in RunKeeper? Blank notes every time?

Other options:
4 Keep the sync button. I actually don’t mind a manual sync at all… I kinda like it. I just wish it was faster. I really don’t need the hook, as it feels less reliable.
5 Remove “Notes” altogether
6 Add a link back to the original activity (on Strava or Runkeeper) in the notes, and don’t worry about naming them.


Hhmmm :thinking: I just had this bug show up where an activity was deleted before I could respond to the webhook … that makes me think that the naming issue might not occur (the name would be changed already before CityStrides brought it in).

I think it might be worth holding off on decisions until we see an issue (if we do).

I also deleted an activity from city strides (to fix the name) but now I don’t seem to be able to get it back. The web hook just ran (on my newest activity) but the previous run is still missing. (This is different functionality to before, where a deleted run would reappear unless it was deleted from Strava also). Can I still manually sync, or undelete somehow?

Also I named my most recent Strava run nearly immediately, but you can see it was imported as “Evening Run” (Strava default name). (

As a bit of back-story - I’m kind of forced down the webhook path, because I’m running over the Strava API limits with the daily synchronization. This new way of handling new activities (being alerted when they’re created) cuts down on the number of calls that I have to make to their service.

For Runkeeper activities, the ‘notes’ field is filled in prior to saving the activity … So you don’t really get into a situation where any default data needs to be updated.

I just took another run through their webhook documentation, and found that I can be alerted for activity updates as well. I’ll add that webhook as soon as possible, so your activities will automatically be kept up to date.

That leaves the issue of activities in Strava that no longer exist in CityStrides & need to be re-synchronized…
Perhaps another page to show the list of your activities in Strava along with a display of whether or not it has been synchronized to CityStrides … This page should include the ability to start a sync for anything that hasn’t been brought over to CityStrides.


I was mistaken about the activity update webhooks - that’s not a thing. :frowning:
Perhaps the new activity list page could include ‘update metadata’ links…

ok that all makes sense. With a Garmin device, it syncs from Garmin Connect to Strava automatically, so it defaults to a random name. If I was recording with Strava App, yes it would be named before it uploaded. If you can’t update metadata, then I guess the only option is to edit Notes in CityStrides.

About undeleting or manually syncing deleted activities… If it’s a more tucked away / rate limited feature it might be ok?

Good call - maybe I don’t need another full UI… maybe the “sync now” can only be used once per day, and maybe the “sync now” also updates meta data in CityStrides…

Any update? What is the exact current sync frequency? My latest Runkeeper run is almost 24 hrs ago, am wondering when it will show. Thx

Sync is daily, with groups of users being worked on each hour (so yours might be daily at 2am or daily at 4pm - I’m not sure since that’s figured out automatically).

I think I’m a little more than halfway done with this whole process. I’m hoping to wrap it up over the weekend.

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My runs of May 18th (and 20th) are still not showing, I hope it’s because of your weekend catch-up activities. I notice others getting there newer runs processed though…
No need to respond if I should just be patient, but if it means a problem with my account I’d appreciate if you could look into it. Thx

I just ran your sync manually for you now - looks like those made it in (might be another half hour before other things like completion calculation finish up)… I’m not sure why the activity from the 18th hadn’t made it in yet…

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Good morning. I seem to be missing a run from 19-MAY-2017. Any chance you could check to see why it might be missing? That being said, pretty awesome to find that it had already synched by the time I got back home after my run this morning. Thank you!

Nothing urgent but I seem to be missing my last two runs from Strava: May 19th and May 20th. I’m sure the synch will catch up over time but since you indicated it should happen every 24 hours I wanted to let you know in case something was broken.

I think I might have found the cause…

I recently added a script to restart my sync process every 15 minutes if there was no activity (a bit of a hack to get around some memory issues that were popping up) … not realizing that some of those instances would be at the top of the hour (when the sync runs). So I think there may have been instances where some sync runs were missed because the service was busy restarting. I’ve corrected that, so we’ll find out soon enough.

Just to let you know that I’m missing my last two runs from Runkeeper: May 20th and May 21th. So there might still be a hick-up somewhere?

I would like to give this a full day, then see if it’s all fixed up then… the system works hourly in groups of users, so after 24hrs all groups should be worked through & I should know then if my fix worked.

I have always updated manually (sync button) and it worked fine for me. Now I have had no updates for weeks and can’t do anything about it.
I’ll wait to see what happens :slight_smile:

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