Streets with 0 Nodes

I’ve run into quite a few streets with 0 nodes on them. Can these be scrubbed from the system?

E.g. Davis Shores (0 nodes) in Windermere, FL.


Hey, good catch! I’m taking care of those now. It looks like there were quite a lot (almost 100,000), so it might take a little while for it to finish.

Great! Thank you to clearing those out.

Hi James- I ran a somewhat lengthy road (Game Farm Rd) in Ithaca Town, NY (that’s the town it’s in CS as) and the road appears to have no nodes on it. Is it possible to get them added?

I don’t see Game Farm Road in either Ithaca or Ithaca Town here in CityStrides … do you have a link to it?

Also, what’s “Ithaca Town”? It seems like a larger more square border surrounding Ithaca. Should it be removed?
(I lived in Ithaca for a minute, on the same road as the glowing greenhouse - between the book barn and the gas station)

In all the years I’ve lived and visited here I’ve never understood the difference between the town and city of Ithaca, but what’s in here is correct. The city is a part of the town.

As for where game fare road is, it’s the eastern border of the town, bounded by Ellis hollow road on the south and Dryden road to the north. But when I run the bode hunter on it nothing pops up!

James - I think I may have figured out the issue. It seems that the area directly to the east of “Ithaca Town” is not part of any geography. I looked up all the surrounding town names (Danby, Caroline, Dryden, East Ithaca) and nothing covers this territory. So my guess is that while Game Farm Road falls right on the border, it’s being scored as outside of Ithaca Town and since it doesn’t have a city that it’s home to it’s missing. Just a thought??

As the title of the thread says:

I did find a street recently in one of my completed streets that is now uncompleted:
But there arre no nodes to go for!

@JamesChevalier , is this something that rings a bell?

This is related to


I just haven’t rerun the update code for that city yet.

Ok thanks for the update.
I also was checking the maunally completed streets in my cities. When i uncomplete one of those, it reappears in my uncompleted streets, although i have a gps/run convering the nodes. Is that a resync?

I have roughly 100 manuals to review! :upside_down_face:

un-marking a street will reprocess it, so it’s likely just a waiting game

Have just got 11 0 node streets appear in my city which had 100% completed of late.

I notice that the street count has counted. It was 1306. It is 1312 of which 11 are these zero node ones.

What should I do with them?

Also noticed the number of my manual roads has gone down a lot - now only 4. So presume the nodes have been refreshed?

I just deleted those.
I’m pretty sure this was a bug in my earlier global update code that I’ve since resolved. I’ll keep an eye on things to see if the update process is still leaving zero-node streets…

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Since today the city of Assen ( has 7 streets with zero nodes. For example the “Burgemeester Grollemanweg”: (I can send the links to the other streets if necassary)

Further: some nodes of the “Witterweg” ( have been removed. That’s correct because some of the nodes were inaccessible. Now I’ve completed this street, but it’s still in my incomplete streets list.

Is it possible to remove these two streets?

These are (dangerous) highway service area’s. Or do I have to fix this in Open Street Map? How?

that should be OSM change
Heb je voor mij de straten in Assen? doe ik dat wel ff. :slight_smile:Wel wachten tot James de update naar CS trekt


ik zie dat het rest area’s zijn! die hoeven we niet aan te passen want die worden in de eerstvolgende update van OSM naar CS eruit gehaald. die vraag had ik vorige week al bij james gedumpt. in de tussentijd kan je manual complete doen als je wilt.

Hallo Patrick,

Het lijkt erop dat de update naar CS afgelopen nacht heeft plaatsgevonden. De 7 straten met 0 nodes waren er namelijk gisteren nog niet. Deze zou James eruit moeten kunnen halen, ofwel niet via OSM? En de “Witterweg” heb ik laatst zelf aangepast in OSM (deels een private road), die aanpassing is ook net doorgevoerd. Manual complete wil ik voorkomen als er ook nog andere opties zijn :slight_smile:

Hi James, I see London Borough Of Croydon has been updated and there are several ‘0 Node’ streets that have appeared. I’m not sure whether this is pre or post you resolving the bug in the code.
Would it be possible for you to remove those streets? One example is:
Albert Yard -

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I notice streets with 0 nodes that have appeared in the city “cite-Limoilou” today and suddenly my 100% has dropped. Do you want streets with 0 nodes pointed out to you or is this a bug that you are fixing?

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It’s a bug I need to fix in the global update code. I have enough info to work on it, so at the moment no new reports are needed.
Thanks for your patience!


Hi James,

In University Endowment Lands (UBC, BC), there are five streets showing as zero nodes. Two of them: Crooked Branch Road and Shortcut Road are new streets and show fine on Openstreetmaps.

Thank you,