Streets not showing on city view as complete but are on life map

Hey there everyone

I am finding that my cities show all streets as incomplete in map view but if i look at the life map it is correct if i zoom in to the relevant location? This is making it tricky to plan out my routes as have to open multiple windows to see which streets i have left.

Any idea why when i select the “cities” the streets show not a single one run when the total value % complete is correct so to is correct on lifemap?

Here is an example of Lifemap view

Hi Mike, that issue is from Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)
I’m working on a fix, but don’t have a timeline


Ah thank you James - I was sure it was working before. That explains it. Good luck

I’ve got Streets that are Completed Showing as Incomplete on City Tab - show street on map all nodes are purple. How do I make this show as completed?

Here same issue…. I have the streets done but shows as progressed….last activity

Thank you for the update! I came on to ask the same question :slight_smile:

Hey James, been doing a bit of reading on the issue where completed runs don’t show up in city view but only in lifemap (making it diifficult to plan my runs).
Is this still a known issur or has this been fixed but only for ‘supporters’? Assuming supporters means those who donate?
Thanks again for this wonderful service - i have shown many

Yeah, it’s from Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)
Specifically the first bullet point of “allow supporters to toggle their LifeMap on all pages with a map”, where supporters does refer to people with an active subscription (ugh, this “supporter”/“subscriber” distinction is rough)

I don’t have a timeline on if/when I’ll be able to re-add this for non-subscribers, but I suspect I’ll learn more when I get to this “give people the ability to show/hide other people’s LifeMap on the page” idea that I’ve been working towards.

Hi James,
is it foreseeable already, if/when the visibility of run streets on City View will be re-added for non-supporters?
On LifeMap View everything works fine.
Thanks for your great work & greetings from Germany!

Was wondering the same. Hope that it comes back soon.
Enjoying the challenge of getting every street in my hometown.