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I may just be confused about what various numbers mean but on a typical walk, like today’s in the image, the completed streets count (5) is far less than the number of entries in the list of completed streets (12). If this is just the way things work then fine but obviously I am concerned that my street totals are being under stated.

This is normal since Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is a Nested City within Greater London. Streets will be counted only once since its the same street.

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If you look at the list you see e.g Constance Close twice, both for Greater London and for Kingston upon Thames. Count only the London ones should give you five

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Thanks for the help so far, it has made me dig a little deeper!

The 5 completed streets seems to be the number for Greater London: there are 17 streets in the completed list of which 12 are Kingston and 5 GL (these 5 are also shown in Kingston).

The incomplete list shows 9 streets, all just in GL. In these cases the Kingston street has been walked but other streets with the same name, e.g. Keswick Avenue, exist elsewhere in GL.

I would expect this list to be 7 given the numbers in the complete list and there appear to be discrepancies, e.g. Grasmere Avenue is shown as progressed in GL but is neither completed nor progressed in Kingston (it should be completed).

What I would appreciate is clarity on how my totals for Kingston, Greater London and Overall are each incremented when I walk a street in Kingston when a) that street is unique to Kingston and b) another street with that name exists elsewhere in GL.

The displayed counts - anywhere throughout the site outside of a nested city page - only take into account non-nested cities. This means, in your case, only Greater London streets will be counted in activity pages / profile / etc.
If you go into a nested city page of yours e.g. Kingston, it will display stats specific to that nested city. This lets you progress/complete individual nested cities, while the overall site stats remain focused on the parent city progress.

If you count the completed/progressed streets that list them as in Greater London, all the counts are correct.

You completed Grasmere Avenue on November 13, 2022: Grasmere Avenue - CityStrides

All that being said … I have several ongoing conversations right now that are causing me to consider whether the overall site stats should instead focus on nested cities instead of the parent city.
If we inverted this for your activity, we’d be looking at 12 completed streets (all in Kingston) and 1 progressed street (Robin Hood Way).
I can definitely see the logic of that stat being more accurate than the inverse, especially given another ongoing issue where streets can share a name in two nested cities but they get lumped together as a single street in the parent city.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful.

Not bothered by it but something odd happened at Grasmere Avenue as on the latest walk there was one red dot showing, at the west end of the road, and I walked down that dead end just to hit it.

Hi @JamesChevalier,

As a London runner, I’d very much like to see nested cities count towards totals. I started a thread on the subject a while back:

A point was raised that a barrier to the change was that not all cities equal the sum of their nested parts (I’d assumed they all did as is the case with London). I’m not sure if that’s still an impediment but I’d sure love to see a change.