Street/Satellite zoom toggle bug

You can toggle between Street and Satellite view and the zoom level remains the same in some places (LifeMap). In other places toggling this setting resets the zoom level setting. For example the City View map will do this.

Ah! Right, it’s running through the “fit the map so that the city border is to zoom” process. Hhmmm :thinking: I’ll have to figure that one out…

Another related bug - For the advanced LifeMap, If I open the LifeMap, then use the date filter it works properly.

If I then toggle from street to satellite view, it redraws both the background tiles (to be satellite) and the CS purple track tiles, but the filtering goes away and I have to change the dates of the filter and then change them back to get the filtered map I wanted to show again.

It did this both on my map and on another user’s lifemap I filtered. It did NOT do this on my system-filtered April Absurdity challenge map.


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Another spot where it does things it shouldnt is on the streets view. For example I can go look to my list of manually completed streets, hit show on all of them. When I toggle between satellite view and regular the nodes will disappear and you have to refresh the page to show the streets again because they are still all marked show/hidden the same.