Street names not updated

@JamesChevalier So are Open Street Maps updates being pulled from current maps? I have a change that I made 2 months ago and my city updated today and the change is not included in the updated streets. It was a simple rename from Street to Avenue for an incorrectly named street.

That’s an old bug in CS, when you rename a street in OSM the street in CS get both the old and the new name in CS, not sure if this happens all the time, or just sometimes, but I have had this many times when I updated street names. As you see in this picture each node have both names


In this particular case, I would expect 36th Street Southwest to remain due to this entry:

But I would have expected those nodes attached to the renamed section to be removed…

I had no idea this was happening. Or, if at some point in the past I did know it was happening, I have since forgotten. :grimacing:
I’ve got code in place that should be removing nodes that no longer exist for a street, so I’ll have to review that.

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Discussed here Street with two names after update - #12 by zbrown4


I have the same problem. My city was updated today and there is now one street with two different names. A while back I changed the street name in OSM from Rasmus Andersens veg to Rasmus W. Andersens veg. (Which is the correct street name according to Norway’s national map service