Not had a city update for 2 months

Usually “my” cities get refreshed from OSM about every month. Have noticed that this has not happened since 5th Sept. Has the refresh schedule been changed?


James noted earlier at the watertank, I can also see some of my cities that have not been uppdated for two months

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I think the biggest thing to remember is there is no “refresh schedule” in reality.

James has to prioritize server time, processing/reprocessing/etc and while city updates are on a CYCLE where it starts at the beginning of the “list” and goes through to the end before starting again, how long that takes is subject to lots of variables even when things are all working as expected.

He did also share in the water station that things should be processing again after he had to suspend them:


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That being said, I have gotten multiple city update notifications in the past few days, so I can confirm that things seem to be processing currently.

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Thanks for sharing those details, @hans1 & @jpbari
I don’t have much to add, outside of confirming that the updates did get pretty blocked up and that they do seem to be back to normal … potentially a little faster, after some infrastructure tweaks I made … but it’s really tough to gauge that with such a little amount of data - I’ll have a better understanding over the next few weeks.


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