Something amiss with colour scheme

I cannot see properly the black characters on the new? blue background in f.i. the lifemap

Can you share a screen shot? I can’t see the issue.

Agree with OP, the purples and greens have gotten darker and black doesn’t contrast well. Here is an example from my Home page (% complete)

Ah! Ok - yeah, I should have updated that design to match the city list on your profile page (where the percentage is moved down next to the number of streets).

I you use white letters it would be ok.
The city list uses now 3 lines for a city and you could use one instead if you put the text in white in the coloured line?
We run a lot of cities nowadays for instance at holidays but also because the program exists now longer. would get more of an overview then and less scrolling and searching …

:thinking: it should only be taking up two lines…
Can you share a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

I’ve updated both displays - the list of cities on the profile page & the default city displayed on the logged-in homepage. The decreased height of the progress bar should help for profiles with many cities.


looks good!


i have 16 pages, between the separation and information i also a blank line.
The problem is If i am in search for data on a ity tha is around page 10 or so I (and de PC/Internet) have a lot of work to do.
However do I understand correctly that that you are only fetching a limited number of cities and runs to save computer time?

I’m not likely going to remove the padding between the cities (the blank line you mention), because without some spacing things will be too cluttered.

In the “Page 1 of 16” display, the “1” is a text field. You can type “10” into that text field and hit the enter key, to jump to that page.

That said - I definitely want to add the ability to search and sort this list. I also like the Favorite Cities idea, which could be used for sorting (or an entirely different display) here.

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ok, maybe you can remove the blue line? one white line is all you need?
or for reading a gray line between the cities?

but i can see your point: you like a clean desk :slight_smile:

It’s not a blue line, it’s a progress bar. See how the dark purple fills out the space corresponding to the percentage complete?

I’m unsure what the overall problem with this design is, since that page of cities fits entirely into view (you don’t have to scroll down the page to view Zwartewaterland). I understand the need for searching & sorting (and maybe even ‘pinning’ cities to the top of the list), but I’m unsure what would be accomplished by decreasing the vertical height of this list.

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I understand your design and I can find my way around. So in a way I am very happy with the progranm and your design.

But things evolve and first I run and walked only one city but nowadays I see something of around 180 cities/groups of cities and it would be nice if there was a slider and a way of sorting per country, name, etc to hold an oversight.

One of the problems in the naming (and thus the recognizing) is that I know the name of the cities and villages but nowadays these small villages have been grouped and have gotten another name. I have never learned about Zwartewaterland but I know the small cities it consists of (Genemuiden, Hasselt and Zwartsluis)

keep up the nice work :slight_smile:

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Just noticed the new city outline color is very faint.
The old one was much easier to see.