Favorite Cities

I brought this up in the homepage thread but it would great to be able to favorite cities so that you can toggle between the ones you are tracking and the current list that is sorted by completion. I think this would be a good default view once a user adds one or more favorite to their list (with an easy way to toggle to the current way). You could do something like add a star icon to the left of a city name to click to add/remove favorites. I suggest this because the current list sorted by percentage is great but once you start filling up 100%'s or if you happen to have some small out of town random cities show up it starts cluttering the city list. Using favorites lets you self curate what you want to see.

I think it would be helpful if users could mark or “pin” certain cities on profile page 1 that they are currently working on ( especially if one has many listed cities that they run). Currently, the listed cities are placed as percentage completed. The option to sort by “pinned cities” or favorites could be helpful. And if one wanted to keep it as is, they would disable the pin feature. Just a thought.

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You already can set one city as your default city, which will appear on the top of the list.

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No it will not. I have my 8th city pinned as default, and the list stays sorted by percentage completed and the default city stays at 8th place.
I voted +1, i would love to have some controle on what cities are visible on my(first) screen

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Not at the top of the list of cities, which does indeed rank by completed%, but I think what Fredrik meant is the default city populates the upper left of the screen when you are logged in to citystrides.com

I just released this feature; some notes in Updates on March 10, 2021

Let me know if it behaves as you’d expect it to

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Yay! I will check it out.

Looks great. One small tweak/suggestion. For the “cities in progress” list that you maybe have a visual indicator on the ones you’ve pinned already.

There’s some serious funkiness around the interactivity that I haven’t figured out yet.

Since they’re separate lists of cities, it becomes difficult to maintain the pinned/unpinned state across both lists (specifically around the action of pinning/unpinning). If you un-pin a city from the top list - I haven’t figured out a way to update the record in the bottom list back to its un-pinned state.

I’m pretty beat from today’s effort, though, so I’ll take a look again another day.

It’s only a minor thing, the main feature looks great!

This is exactly what I was hoping for, awesome!