Site down June 2 (and June 10)

Hi @JamesChevalier

For some reason I’m not getting any syncing this morning.

I’ve added a run on Strava but it’s not feeding through to CS. When I use the ‘Sync Now’ option I get an error message. I got the same error message when I tried to manually sync just the activity.

Activity: 11.6 km Run Activity on June 2, 2021 by Graham H. on Strava

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 11.10.39

I have the same

Same here.

Missing activities from today 2 June

Sync now leads to an error page.

At 12:44am Eastern, the server that holds all the job data ran out of memory. I have code in place to prevent this, but I forgot to include it with the recent Challenge release. I’ve fixed this issue & also increased the size of that server a bit.

I’ve started a sync for each of you, @itsafrogslife @petje @klaasjanelzinga
Sorry for the trouble!


Been deleting individual activities to fix GPS trace and replacing them for over a month, but had a few problems recently. Today’s issue is that I can’t delete this activity: - whereas normally, I’d get the corner popup noti letting me know my activity is scheduled to be deleted, now I get the spinning wheel and the page letting me know “Waiting for…” before finally…

And so here I am!

Getting the same message when trying to load the Status page, so I’m guessing there is a sitewide issue at the moment.

Yeah, you can try again now.

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having issues with my latest run dated 02/06. get an error when i try to manually sync and also get an error when i use the ‘sync now’ feature. Grateful for any help with this.

Hey Gareth, you can try again now - there was some site downtime that caused your ‘Uh oh.’ message.
I moved your post into this thread, to contain the single topic of June 2 downtime. Your other issue - where I transferred the post from - has not been resolved & we can talk about that issue over in that thread.

My activity from Strava this morning still doesn’t show in CS. Will it resolve itself, or do I need to make a Sync Single Activity?

Thanks that’s worked now :+1:t2:

You should sync the single activity … For existing users, anything from roughly 12:44am to 9am (Eastern) that’s missing is going to stay missing unless a manually sync is done.

Yes, had to wait a while, but now it’s all there!

Hi @JamesChevalier Thanks for the update and the quick fix!

All good now :slight_smile:

Sync now doesn’t seem to be working for me again. I get the oops message. I’ve tried manual sync and it said it was successful but the activity isn’t appearing

I have the same issue this morning too (June 10th) with sync giving the oops message

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I have the same issue, status page and “synch now”, everything else seems to work.

My run today ( 2 hours ago) hasn’t appeared yet. Site doesn’t seem to sync at the moment. Server problem?

I had the problem today (around 7am EDT, 10 June), but it has resolved for me and my morning run has synced.