Updates on May 21, 2021 (Release 95)

  • :new: Add Notifications for city updates
    • Go into your Settings page (linked in the top right menu), go into the Notifications section, check the box for cities to watch & click the Save button
    • After each update from OSM, you’ll get an email letting you know how many nodes/streets were created/deleted
  • :new: Create your own Challenges
    • Visit the Challenges list and click the Create Challenge button in the top right
    • If you don’t select a city while creating it, the goal of the Challenge is to complete as many streets as you can within the selected time frame
    • If you do select a city, the goal of the Challenge is to complete all the streets in that city within the selected time frame
    • You have a choice of how visible your Challenge is: listed publicly in the Challenges list, unlisted but directly accessible (like if someone has or guesses the link), or totally private
    • Create a new post in Feature: Challenges - CityStrides Community if you have ideas or issues
  • :bug: don’t show pin/unpin buttons for cities that aren’t yours
  • :nerd: package updates