Should all the ways for this street be tagged as foot=no?

Hi! I found this thread in search so sorry to bump it, but I noticed that the South Boston Bypass Road has 47 nodes: South Boston Bypass Road - CityStrides

But on OpenStreetMap, the road has foot=no for allowed access. Shouldn’t this be excluded? Is there an additional tag I should add?

This section looks valid Way: ‪South Boston Bypass Road‬ (‪8637996‬) | OpenStreetMap

This section is tagged in a way that’s not ok to be in CityStrides and that matches the gap where there aren’t any nodes Way: ‪South Boston Bypass Road‬ (‪48938108‬) | OpenStreetMap

And then it picks back up again with tagging that allows it in CityStrides Way: ‪South Boston Bypass Road‬ (‪281705114‬) | OpenStreetMap

So if the whole street isn’t safe, then all the individual way records need to be tagged properly. But if some of the street isn’t safe, then … :anguished: :confounded: … I’ll have to think of something :person_shrugging:

Thanks James! Congrats on the NYT article BTW!

That’s an interesting use case. Just checking out Google Maps, there aren’t sidewalks on the first, second, or third ways. Maybe I should tag them with foot=no? The last one is interesting in that there is a sign for “Open To All Traffic” but clearly no sidewalks or safe way of going down that street on foot.

Maybe the simplest solution though is to mark it as a manual completion and move on :grinning:

I’ll rearrange this conversation into a new thread - there are some knowledgeable OSM editors around here that might know what to do.

Looking in google maps and street view, i would say that is one dangerous road to run. between frontage road and west service road i would make it foot = no. So dangerous and not suitable for pedestrians (even cyclists should fear for their lives)

Thanks Patrick! I totally agree and ended up adding the foot=no tag.

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