Runs not visible on city view

Hi, as of about two weeks ago, my runs are no longer showing up in city view. If I click on the LifeMap, all the runs show up correctly. But if I click on a particular city, it just shows the outline of the city with none of the runs. Tried logging in/logging out, different browsers, phone vs. computer, etc. Thanks.

Hi Tim, this was caused by Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)

Note: this change inadvertently removed LifeMap on city pages for non-supporters … if you are not a supporter, and you do not have your LifeMap on your city pages any more, this is why


Since a week or so the maps are not coloured anymore in my profile. Is this a bug or what is happening?

If it was inadvertently removed, does this mean at some point it will be reinstalled? If yes, is there a timeframe?