Run commute track edit

I run to the station, take a train a couple of stops, and then run a bit more into the office.
I do the whole thing as one activity on my Garmin, pausing my watch when I get on the train and restarting it when I get off)
However this leaves these long straight lines between the two stations, connecting where I paused and restarted.
I can’t see any way of editing these out on my Garmin… Is there any way I can remove them from my Citystrides map??
Thank you!

I’ve never done a Garmin edit, but I do see this:


It shows up at the bottom of each activity.

Hope this helps.


PS. There’s an embedded link in that text. It’s kinda hard to see, at least for me, so here it is: How to edit a run from Garmin

Unfortunately this will not help for this scenario. Garmin’s trim can only be used to shorten your run, i.e remove abit from the start or the end of your activity. E.g. when you forget to stop the watch after a run.
In this scenario there isn’t even anything to remove. Say you pause the watch at 08.10, and resume it at 08.30. That means there are no gps points in the file between 08.10 and 08.30, so there is nothing to remove anyway. Garmin chooses to draw a straight line between those to gps points, and CS does the same.
I also used to do it like that, pause and resume, but got annoyed by these straight lines, so now I stop and save for each stage
Another thing to remember is that if such a straight line happens to pass across or close to a node, this node will be marked as completed….

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Thanks for that info @hans1!

So unless one is willing to split into two activities, ie. heavily editing the GPX file, does not sound like there is an easy solution.

Thanks for the replies guys. That’s a shame. Seems that heavily editing the gpx, or deleting them would be the only way. It’s super annoying. Not sure you can see my life map but it’s covered in them!!

For easy editing use

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Nice! Thank you Henrik

@hjkiddk Way cool!

Another alternative would be to:

  1. export the activity gpx from Garmin
  2. trim the activity on one side of the straight line
  3. upload the original gpx from step1
  4. trim the new activity from the other side of the straight line

Don’t see why that wouldn’t work and doesn’t require any new tools

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Thanks Kevin
Wouldn’t that require the original to be dl’d twice, and would the upload of the first amended one not overwrite it? I have no idea, but I’d have thought there may be copy/write issues maybe? I could give it a try with a throwaway run!

Wouldn’t need to be downloaded twice because you are editing the original activity that (I assume) was auto-synced from your watch/phone/recording device.

If you give it a shot let me know, I would think since the cropped activities have different start times (second one starting after the interruption) it should work, but having not done it myself I can’t say for certain.

Hi Kevin,
I gave this a shot - but unfortunately didn’t work. It seems that once you upload a .gpx file, you lose the ability to trim it. I did what you suggested (dl’d the original, edited the original online, uploaded the dl’d original, and tried to trim that) but no joy! The “Trim” option is gone from the edit menu for the uploaded file. Worth a shot though.Thanks anyway

So what I’ve done that seems to work is

  1. Export the gpx file
  2. Trim the original on Garmin Connect
  3. Upload the .gpx file to website
  4. Delete all waypoints before the last run section (ie delete the first run section + the train section)
  5. Export this
  6. Import it to Garmin Connect.

That’s all… lol…

I see - didn’t know only native activities can be trimmed on Garmin Connect, and not manually uploaded ones. Good to know! Glad you found a workaround.