Router Map Overlay

Looks like yesterday’s update borked the left panel to hide under the right side map on a route page.

Can see the Delete and right side of street controls (Show / Go) hiding on a page refresh

Mar-18-2021 09-28-35

I have a lot of trouble with this screen size. The small (phone) & large (computer) behave decently, but yeesh this medium (tablet, or maybe non-full-screen browser on a computer?) is a beast to wrangle.

I’ll see what I can fix up today - thanks for reporting this & sorry for the trouble. :anguished:

Using Chrome inspector > device toggle, it looks like it is for any screen size larger than 1024 px wide; height has no effect (at least when manually changing pixels in inspector or resizing window).

Yeah, I just noticed that I had the left column set at 2/3 width instead of 1/3 :man_facepalming:
That’s fixed now, though. Thanks again!

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@Marty Curious, how did you record that? Wonder how it would work on a life map re-run? Thanks

On Mac, you can use the built-in QuickTime with File → New Screen Recording

There are some nice videos/gifs on Twitter already.


For the gif, I used GIPHY Capture. It’s a bit wonky of an app but once you get a handle on it, it gets the job done.

Depending how long your re-run is, it may be better to use QuickTime as James recommended to create a video file. Recording GIFs on a high resolution screen and for longer than a couple seconds can create a pretty beefy gif file size. GIPHY Capture does allow you to save in different resolutions but that may result in lower result quality than desired. It also allows you to batch export so you can record one time and have it export a gif and mp4 file.

For example, my re-run for my main city loaded ~260 runs over 16 months and took ~20 seconds to play. Using GIPHY Capture to batch export, the gif file turned out to be 168 MB & the mp4 is 18 MB. QuickTime recording spat out 41 MB (.mov).

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In life map view, the purple route plan is almost identical colour to the purple life map.
Probably need to chose a different colour scheme?


I have thought about the same thing in my testing of the tool

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This should be split into a new topic, probably under the ‘Ideas’ section since it is different than the original support issue that James fixed.

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You’re right, Marty:

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