Question for Strava users

How do you track your activities? :running_man: :running_woman:
While you’re out on your run/walk/hike, how are you tracking yourself through time and space? :nerd_face:

  • Strava app
  • Garmin
  • Other

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If your answer is ‘Other’ please comment with the app or device that you use to track your activities.

Polar, I think they have an API :wink:

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I recently learned that editing the poll clears its votes, so I’m wary of adding it in (the post title probably makes a bit more sense now :flushed: :grimacing:).

I use the Coros app, corresponding with my watch, and then upload to Strava

Bummer, no API. I asked on Twitter if there are any plans for one… We’ll see! … or not! :laughing:

I’m actually Garmin-> Strava.
I started with Strava, for recording, as I know many others [personally] also using Strava.
I particularly like the “segments” feature, as it’s good for metrics.
Then I got my Garmin FR235, and linked the accounts.
I thinks Garmin also has segments, but I doubt it’s as developed, or used, as much as Strava’s segments.

So, at the moment, I guess it’s more record on Garmin, but track on Strava…
But I voted Garmin.


Apple Watch to HealthFit to Strava, though I also use SmashRun.

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Ah too bad. Hey I want to say, I really appreciate this site. My buddy Mitch Leblanc got me into heatmapping just recently, what with a lot of trails being closed due to the virus, and I’ve definitely caught the bug (pardon the pun). Planning on becoming a supporter soon I’m thinking, as the novelty doesn’t seem to be wearing off and I’ve put in a lot of work already, haha. Thanks man.


I wonder if I have to have an iOS app to access Apple Watch HealthKit data…

@JamesChevalier Can you add banner to poll on all pages? Otherwise you’ll just get answers from us forum trolls.


I use Suunto watch for tracking and then upload to Strava.

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The run club mantra: if it’s not on Strava, it doesn’t count!


Track on Suunto then to Strava. :+1:


Crap, hit the wrong button. Can’t recast vote.
I’m NOT tracking on Strava, but my Garmin watch.

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I meant to press Garmin but hit other by mistake :man_facepalming:t2:

I also use Garmin for tracking but Strava for monitoring

I use Suunto and the only reason I have a Strava account is to link with Citystrides. If there’s anyway you can do a direct Suunto to Citystrides that would be way cool!

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Polar Vantage V device > Polar Flow > Strava. :upside_down_face:

Garmin935 → garmin connect → Runkeeper-> citystrides ( also garmin connect → Strava )

Suunto after that lost of apps are