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Sorry if this has already been asked before, but how does one update their profile picture? Somehow, mine became corrupted and now just shows a missing image and there is no obvious way to fix that. Not a big deal either way, but one of those OCD things that I have. Thanks! Chris

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It should be pulling from your run tracking service … There might be a bug, though - maybe CityStrides thinks it has a good image so it’s not updating it … I’ll see what I can do.

It seems to be working now, using the same picture as my Strava account I’m pulling from. Thanks!

(It might have been an error introduced when I changed my Strava photo?)

Hi James,

I changed my Runkeeper picture a few days ago. It doesn’t come up on CityStrides anymore. My latest run has synced already so I think something maybe wrong with syncing pictures or something? Can you have a look into this?

I’m not quite sure why it didn’t automatically update, but it’s good now that I manually forced the update.

Hi James
I recently became a one time contributor and it changed my profile picture to an old mapmyrun profile. I was able to add my running profile picture to this but when I click on my profile and life map it’s a non running picture. How do I change it to my running picture?

I wanted to be sure that the photo update code was working, so I manually updated your account.

For anyone else reading along / reference in the future:
CityStrides takes the image from the activity tracking service that you connected first.
Everyone’s photo is updated once per month, so it’s just a waiting game for photo changes in your activity tracker to make it into CityStrides.


Ah you will find many other discussions on this. You can mark it manually complete and update Open Street Maps (OSM) to make that road private so that when James updates the maps again it will disappear as a road (or the nodes you need to do) from the city. I havent updates OSM myself yet for some of the roads I had to manually complete but ideally I would at some point for future Striders.

Thank you!

I’m having a similar issue where my picture won’t sync, could you please force an update?

Hey, Ross.

@JamesChevalier will need link to your CS profile page to identify your account.

Also, currently there is not a way for CS to pull your Garmin profile pic, so if you are a garmin-only user, you won’t have a CS profile pic at this time

Happy Striding!

Hi there!
I am relatively new to citystrides and I too am having an issue getting my profile picture to upload. It’s just a generic citystrides picture. I have a picture on both strava and garmin. Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you!

Garmin sends me very little information, and a profile picture isn’t on the list. :frowning:
I’ve got the Strava picture updates paused because of their low API limits (those are each 1 call).

Related, I notice a lot of photos are ultimately sourced from Facebook. I don’t like that CityStrides calls out to them (this is the last connection to FB that I haven’t removed yet).

I’m a little wary of it, but I’m considering replacing the existing profile photo setup with a manual file upload.


I used to see my profile picture, which was the one taken from Strava. I later switched to Garmin synching and the Strava picture remained. However, the picture has now gone and I see the default image. I didn’t change anything and the picture had persisted for some time since my Strava synch was paused.

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I just noticed this too (no picture - I was on my phone using Firefox). Same scenario as you @xenospam.

PS. Not a big deal to me, just thought I’d chime in.

@JamesChevalier So with recent change to not pull in pic from Strava and me switching to Garmin, I still don’t see my Garmin profile picture on the CS main page.

So maybe it just hasn’t happened yet?

I may have jumped the (starting) gun, but I just added this to the ideas section: Bring back profile picture for CS pages

My Garmin pic is different from my Strava pic.

The Garmin sync does not include profile pictures, so there is no way for @JamesChevalier to use it to pull it to CS.

I wonder if he is considering a CS-based upload option, but I also wonder the “costs” of doing so…

Thanks @jpbari. I just can’t stop wondering why we have a pic in the forums, but not on our CS page. [I wonder why] Couldn’t one use the other?

The profile pic on the forums is a built-in feature of the Discourse message board service @JamesChevalier uses.

Not everyone is required to have a forums login, and I am not sure if that data is accessible by anything outside of the message board environment (privacy issues being what they are)

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