Bring back profile picture for CS pages

I recall reading that @JamesChevalier is no longer using (wasting) an API call to retrieve profile pictures from Strava. That makes perfect sense…

But, why is our (Strava) picture still present in the Community pages?

Couldn’t CS use that image?

If not, then how about letting users upload a picture?

Thank you for reading.

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Edit: I read elsewhere that James will grab Garmin profile pics once a month, so maybe that code has not run for me yet?

Actually James did not specially say Garmin, just “CityStrides takes the image from the activity tracking service that you connected first.”

On the Garmin picture he says this, “Garmin sends me very little information, and a profile picture isn’t on the list.

@jpbari filled me in on why my idea wouldn’t work.

But just came up with this idea: Since users can upload pictures to the community section, I wonder if the main site could link to a picture uploaded to the community? Might be a quick workaround.