Profile Picture Gone?

@JamesChevalier this is super low priority, but I noticed after the Garmin outage that when I switched to Strava as my sync method and then back to Garmin, my profile picture disappeared. Any idea what’s up with this? Also, in the future would it be possible to upload a picture independent of the ones on Garmin/Strava/Etc.


Kevin Montano - CityStrides

@kevin, I read that @JamesChevalier no longer uses (wastes) and API call on getting one’s picture from Strava.

I’m about to post in the ideas section to bring it back, either allow for an upload, or use the picture that still shows up in the Community section of CS.

Hope that helps, Eric

PS: Look for the idea and vote if you are interested. I’ll post the link here when I’m finished posting the idea.

Here it is: Bring back profile picture for CS pages

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Thanks Eric. Makes sense to not waste the resources on that.

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