Past/inactive challenges?

Where can I look at the final results of previous challenges that ended? Seems my only option is to manually change the number in the URL, which works and at least lets me know they still exist…but would be nice if there was a list of completed challenges, at least the monthly ones - I thought there used to be?

Oh, no, I’m an idiot and set the updated view to only return active challenges in the Featured & Community listing. :man_facepalming:
I’ll work on some kind of “upcoming/active/past” view … this was also discussed a bit in Sorting and/or hiding challenges - #3 by jpbari

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Any update here? I wanted to see how ASMAP July shook out but I can’t access it…

I’m releasing a change now that includes all historic challenges in the lists but marks each past challenge as inactive … Ultimately, I don’t like this, but it at least fixes the issue of being able to access old challenges. I still intend to work on some kind of “upcoming/active/past” view as mentioned in my previous comment.


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Thanks, James!