Sorting and/or hiding challenges

Seems like half the challenges are in Sydney area with only one participant.

Would be nice if you could sort challenges by number of participants or filter out challenges that has only one participant.

Alternatively, the monthly and year challenge should be pinned to the top

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Yeah, I want to revamp this page so that only a small fraction of Challenges are visible & others are discoverable. It really adds no value to have piles of freely created Challenges in a list. This really needs to be a curated list.


@JamesChevalier - I like how you have the Mine/Featured/Community categories on the challenge page now.

I was thinking maybe there is a way to add to that page, or divide the individual tabs to have a section just for the current challenges, and perhaps another section for past challenges I was part of that have completed to check my progress (like to compare May’s results to what I was able to complete in the April or March challenge for example)

Maybe above the Mine/Featured/Community tabs on that main page list the currently enrolled and active challenges I have elected to participate in?

Maybe a past/current/upcoming structure for challenges I have actually entered?

I expected the challenges I enrolled in to show up under “mine” but maybe that is just for challenges I create…

Yeah, this page is better but still needs work.
Right now it’s sorting things by the start date, so that should more or less push active stuff to the top and past stuff to the bottom.

The “mine” section is only what you created yourself. The Challenges you join should probably also appear in there … or in another “joined” tab (not really liking that idea) … or include them in that list and visually identify created/joined Challenges (kinda like that idea)

:thinking: I’m limited by the number of tabs I can have, especially for mobile browsers. I don’t really want a two-level tab system … I don’t think I do, anyway - it seems like it would be visually messy, but I’m not out here winning design awards so what do I know :grimacing:

I suppose the things to solve are:

  • mine/joined … ensure that all joined challenges are easily accessible
  • upcoming/current/past … ensure that each list makes these distinctions clear
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Updates on August 17, 2022 (Release 600) improves on this quite a bit… As of now:

  • there are three main sections: Mine / Featured / Community
  • within each section there are three further divisions: Upcoming / Current / Past
  • each view defaults to the Current list

:thinking: The “Mine” section currently only shows Challenges that you have created … I’m unsure if this should also include those you have joined

I wonder if others are in agreement with what @jpbari mentioned:

If “mine” stays as those we have created, not enteted that might be fine.

As an alternative idea, how difficult would it be to change the color or put an icon in the frame and float any challenges we have entered to the top of its respective page?