Page resets back to home page

I don’t use prepared routes when running, Iuse Safari and I just open a city page or my LifeMap, press the button to use my location, then press Nodehunter to see where I’m going. This works fine. But occasionally I switch to Camera to take a picture. Then when I switch back to Safari I get two different behaviours. Sometimes everything is still there just as I left it, just continue. But other times the tab reverts to my home page and I have to start over, location, nodehunter…. I can’t see any pattern here some days I can go back and forth between Safari and Camera many times without problem, other days it reverts every time. Annoying!

Funny you mention this - a thread on the same topic was just opened earlier today.

Link: Unwanted Return to Home Page

No, when I read that one, It gave me the idea to report my own problem, it’s different. Only happens when I switch between Safari and Camera

Are you using CityStrides via a PWA (saved to your home screen, where it behaves a little more like an app) or are you within Actual Safari™?

This is actual Safari