Route Permanence While Live Tracking

The route functionality on CityStrides is A+ and a feature I use on almost every run I go on. One minor inconvenience I experience most runs is that after a few inactive minutes on the website, the page reloads, and returns to the home page instead of to the route I was following. While it’s only 10-15 seconds to navigate back to the route, it would be great if after page refresh it returned to the specific part of CityStrides (here, specific route) one was on.

For reference, I have tried to save the URL for a route as an iPhone shortcut (so it appears like an app), but this too returns back to the home page instead of the route.

I don’t know if this is something that can be controlled by Citystrides vs is just a web browser thing? Do others experience this?

Weird! It sounds like we both use Route Builder the same way, but I’ve never had this refresh-to-homepage issue.

Is the browser open during these inactive minutes, or is it a background app?

Are you on the route page itself? e.g. Very rough outline of The Dragon - CityStrides

Do you have a typical distance for your routes e.g. 5 miles, or do they vary?

It’s possible that the start_url config for the PWA could force things back to the homepage.

(This feels more like a bug than a feature request, so I’ve moved it into Support )

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I access CityStrides through an app-like shortcut saved on iPhone home screen (instead of through Safari / Chrome / etc application). It is active, but my phone will go to lock screen. Not sure how this affects things.

I believe I’m on the route page itself. CityStrides → User Icon in top right → Routes → Select route → Turn on motion/orientation → expand to full map view → run and check back periodically

Varies from very short to very long, but median would be 6-10 miles.

makes sense :+1: