Overlay two people's citystrides map view

I think it would be a cool feature to take my map view and superimpose, in a different color, the map of another user - to see how we stack up in a a region - what streets do we have in common? Where do we differ?

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As recently as June 2017, it was possible to go to a city, see who else runs in that city, then click on the person’s name to have his/her map overlaid, in red, over one’s own purple lines. It doesn’t work any more, since when I don’t know.

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:laughing: I remember that!
:thinking: There are probably a few card-based interactions that I forgot to carry over through recent design updates… Back when I added the bottom two buttons to each user card, I dropped the “click this whole card” interaction in favor of the collection of buttons. I’ll have to figure a way to re-add that functionality.


I am trying to plan a run with a fellow strider today and it reminded me of this “idea” post from back when I first started. It would work really well to figure out how to maximize our run to get both of us some streets.

Oh, and it would be fun to compare.


Yeah, this plays a huge role in Challenges as well.

I think I want to convert the LifeMap button to a show/hide (similar to streets). I just have to figure out how to allow both a show/hide in the current view as well as a “go to this person’s LifeMap” flow.


A buddy of mine and I are currently doing what JP mentioned, running our home town together. Since we’ve been running for a while, there are areas/streets where only one of us has run and this would be an excellent feature for finding gaps that need to be filled as well as planning future routes. Any chance you’ve looked into this recently?



Duplicate ideas:



I think it would be pretty neat to be able to click on someone’s profile and select a “compare maps” feature that would show both of your maps on the same screen. Show my map in purple, the other runner’s in red, and maybe streets we’ve both run in green?

Nice, the votes carried over as well.

I have so many comments in the code:
TODO: future feature of being able to show/hide LifeMaps on a page
:sweat_smile: That means I’m basically half done right? :laughing:


Reviving this because it would have been very useful today if it worked with the route builder. I’m the #3 strider in Lisboa (51%) and I went on a run with the #1 strider (57%), and we want to plan routes to run together where we can both get new nodes!


This ALMOST works now!

With the new updates, I can overlay my own lifemap when viewing someone else’s lifemap.

Now all we need is for us to be able to change the color of one or the other lifemap (or both)


Oof, this color issue is going to explode once I build out the ability to toggle people’s LifeMap on city pages. :sweat_smile:

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@kevincharlespels until I read your post, this idea struck me as only a curiousity (an idea for the curious). But now it really makes sense to me.

It makes me think it gives even more reason to be able to contact a private strider (i think its an idea, or has at least been talked about).


We are SO close to being able to overlay my lifemap on someone else’s.

With the latest update we can now toggle our own lifemap on when viewing another person’s lifemap. WOOHOO!

It would be even BETTER if they were a different color.

Thanks for all the work as always @JamesChevalier

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Yeah, that’s next up. It’ll be paired with being able to show/hide other people’s LifeMap from user lists.

My current thought is to display anyone else’s LifeMap as a random color (maybe with some exclusions), and always display your own as purple. This would allow you to toggle several people’s LifeMap without there being colors clashes between any of them.

IDK about random, there are people with certain colorblindness conditions and in other cases we might just want a certain color comparison for many other reasons. I think it would be good to default to a secondary color from the CS purple, something with good contrast, and then have a toggled palette for changing one or the other LifeMap color, if that’s possible.

When I look at a friend’s Lifemap, I can use the map button to also show my own LifeMap. But they are the same colour, so difficult to distinguish.
Why not make them different, colour, style, or something that really makes them different?

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Cool idea!

please also consider voting for my similar suggestion, which I’m still holding out a longshot hope for

maybe I should have said parallel, not similar, since it’s for comparing different areas. even so…

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