Old nodes still in CS?

Hi James,

While planning a route a came across these streets in Amstelveen:

They seem to have extra nodes that are actually part of Watercirkel. So I went to OSM to edit them, but everything there seems correct, and the last update is from a year ago. From the change comment I deduce that there might have been a mixup before, so I guess that is where the extra nodes come from.


So, questions:
Do you know why these nodes were not removed from those streets? My feeling is that it is something to do with renaming a way.
Can you remove them manually?


Between this and Wrong Node I feel like I need to set aside some time to look into the node removal process. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is reported before in Street with two names after update - #5 by hans1
I have quite a few more examples in Stockholm. As soon as someone (mostly myself :grinning:) changes the name of a street this may happen that a node gets both street names. Maybe this does not happen anymore, but has happened several times last years