Number of miles covered in a city

Is there anywhere where I can see how many miles of unique streets in have completed in a city? Seems to me like it may be a nice alternative to the current completion % of a city.

As an example, I am currently working my way through Madison, WI’s 2965 streets. As I have completed 290, my completion percentage is a little under 10%. What I’d like to know is the distance of those 290 completed streets. I know that the city has 1,130 miles, so I’d be interested to know how many miles the 290 streets that I have completed total.

I couldn’t just go back and add up the distance of all the activities I have completed in that city, as this would no doubt include multiple duplications, which I’m not interested in.


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Updates on August 17, 2022 (Release 600) added some additional stats for supporters (start date, number of activities, and distance traveled). It exists as a hidden-by-default area between the user card and the tabbed lists of streets/striders.

@JamesChevalier thanks!!