Updates on August 17, 2022 (Release 600)

  • :new: add extra stats to city page for supporters (start date, number of activities, and distance traveled)
  • :paintbrush: improve the Challenge list page to split out upcoming/current/past Challenges
  • :paintbrush: improve stats displayed on the logged-in homepage
  • :bug: fixed the issue where show/hide buttons in both city and street lists would lose track of whether things were shown on the map if you used pagination or search
  • :bug: various minor fixes
  • :nerd_face: package updates

I like the extra stats. It’s interesting to see the total miles of the city streets and the how many miles it took to finish the city. I’m thinking of making a spreadsheet, of my completed cities, and divide activity miles by city miles, to see which was completed most efficiently.

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For the completion email where it shows the number of activities it took and the distance traveled to complete a city are those stats only from activities where at least one node was completed or every activity completed in that city from your first activity there to the completion activity?

It calculates the info from any activity that completed a node within the city.

Which means that if you had a perfect activity that exactly completed one 10-mile long street, and you happened to run that exact path 100 times while also working on finishing the city … the stats in the email (and on the city’s page for Supporters) would only count it as one activity at 10 miles, not 100 activities at 1,000 miles.

I’ve been wondering the same myself. I recently got an email for a town I completed:

“There are 291 streets in Kings Park, totaling 99.52 miles. Your first activity to complete a street in Kings Park was on October 7, 2010. It took a total of 96 activities to finish, totaling 566.34 miles.”

The 566 miles is just summing up the mileage of every run I have done in that town? Some of it is on trails so I’m guessing that is included as well, along with all the dead ends that I basically run twice.


I completed a city this week but didn’t receive an email :slightly_frowning_face:. Are there any conditions that need to be met in order for an email to be generated? The city in question is nested, would that exclude it?

There aren’t conditions, aside from having an email address in CityStrides. Maybe it went to your spam folder?

Interesting - it was blocked by Outlook. It looks like they blocked the sending IP my service is using.

I have an email in CS, and I get other emails like city updates and forum responses just fine, strange that this one didn’t come through… Checked spam as well.

The emails for city completions and the onboarding emails (fairly recent, you wouldn’t have received them) flow through a different service that provides a more robust email editor.


If I read @JamesChevalier correctly, not exactly. It only includes a run that completed at least one node. If you ran trails or dead ends on a run that completed a node, yes it would include those miles. If you ran the exact same route the next time, none of them would be included.


Thank you for the reply. I still think the 566 total miles is including runs that never touched a node or went through ones that I had completed. For example, I have done a trail race several times in a park that is part of the town. The course is a 4 mile loop and I usually do around 30 miles. I do not think I am hitting that many miles in this town without these repetitive runs being part of the total.