Now Testing: City street/node updates

Oh so a city that was last updated on 13/10/2020 should be done in 2-3 days? That‘a good to know, thanks!

The update code back up and running … it was off for a while - can’t recall exactly, maybe November to late December?

When I turned things back on I noticed that my OSM data server (I self-host an Overpass API server) was broken. That’s why some cities got updated but didn’t include recent OSM changes. That’s fixed now, though.

It appears to be going through 50-100 cities per hour. I think it can go faster - it’s mainly held up by the reprocessing that has to occur after cities are updated.

I’m not certain if the “zero nodes” issue is resolved.


Yes, I would expect it very soon based on what I have seen in cities I track.

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How does the update code prioritize tasks (cities, nested cities, etc.)? Like is it by request, or something to do with how recently the OSM was updated…?

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I’m curious about the import/update order too. I seem to recall reading “it’s the same order as the very first initial import”, but I don’t think that order was ever mentioned.

I’m not sure if my issue is the same as the zero nodes issue. The streets that show as incomplete have nodes and they’re all green. When I click go on all of them, they just go to that street and there aren’t any in the sea?

Yeah that’s the zero node issue.

It only updates cities that have people running in them. It sorts that list by the last updated date.


Not sure if it is related to the zero node issue, but there are a few now that show correctly as far as there not being any red nodes, but when I go to it, there are more nodes listed than there are shown. Maybe that is a boundary issue… see below. All of the “uncompleted” streets are shown and there is only 1 that has any red nodes. The others should actually be complete.

The 2 cities I’m running were updated :partying_face:

@JamesChevalier there’s still the issue in both that my total number of complete + incomplete streets does not match the total number of the streets in the city. The issue is happening to all the striders in those cities.


It appears to be going through 50-100 cities per hour

To set realistic expectations for everyone:
Taking the worst case (50 per hour), for 162745 cities that would take ~136 days, or 4 1/2 months to do all cities.

Hi, @r.weide, the 162,745 figure is a count of all the cities currently in Citystrides. I think James is only running the update process on cities that have somebody actually running them so (hopefully) the actual number of cities being updated (and therefore the update interval) should be far less.

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Hi @tamworthslim, good point, thanks. I don’t think the number of cities with runs is retrievable anywhere on the site, but I’m sure it is far less.

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A city, to my north, that I am running, Roanoke, TX, updated yesterday (1/13/21).

I’m hoping that means Keller, TX is soon, as this is the one I should have 100% with the next update, to rid my town of the 0-node issue.

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My city (DeLand, FL) was updated two days ago. I just went through all of my uncompleted streets. All of them exist within the city. There are no zero node streets. I have not yet checked to see if all the uncompleted streets actually have nodes yet to complete. However, before the update there was at least one street that was all green yet still showing up on the incomplete list. That one has been fixed with the last update.

There’s still some OSM cleanup to be done – there will probably always be some OSM cleanup to be done – but it appears that your code is working fine.

I suppose the next step will be to update city boundaries for any changes made by the city. This assumes that OSM has been updated for annexations, etc. Given the complexity of editing a city boundary in OSM, this may not be a good assumption.


The adjustments/updates I’ve made in OSM since last week are now displaying in CS.


I hope it also updates cities with ‘person’ :sweat_smile: running in them, since I’m out here alone in a rural area striding and updating OSM - for example Valhascos, Santarém - CityStrides


Yeah, we have another thread on the two topics (incorrect street count & percentage not updated) here: No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier
It’s possible that there is some issue with marking streets as complete as well :thinking:

The current count of active cities is 58,784 … So roughly 49 days?


@JamesChevalier Is there any way to estimate where a particular city might be in that 58K city queue? Maybe something on the status page with a rough idea which city, or city ID, is being processed [assuming city ID is the order]?

Thanks and kudos!


That would be nice. Maybe just show the date of the oldest updated city date? In my city list I have one from 12th Oct 2020

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My city was updated! Precentage of completion dropped one percent. Hurray for updated maps!