No longer at 100% since new update

Hi, I was at 100% completion for ‘London Borough of Sutton’ London Borough of Sutton, England - CityStrides until it got its (I think,) second update on 8th Jan.
I’ve now dropped to 99.93% complete despite my progress page showing 0 incomplete streets, 1466 complete streets and 1466 streets in the city to run.

Prior to this update, in order to complete the city, I manually completed a few streets (17 as far as I recall) that had ‘zero nodes’ and since the update my manually completed count has dropped to 0 so they appear to be fixed. However, the ‘% complete’ calculation seems to be working from a total of 1467 streets so I think there is a phantom street hiding somewhere in the calculation.

I’m not entirely convinced this is another ‘zero node’ issue because when I’ve looked at those threads, there is usually a discrepancy between the number of streets in the city and the sum of incomplete+complete whereas in this case there is not.

Any help would be much appreciated as 99.93 is the saddest of numbers.


I’m in the same situation. I was at 100% and now there seems to be 487 streets where previously there were 482. If you go to the city page I can see that there are 41 street pages (40 full pages and the last page, 41 with just 2 streets). As each page has 12 streets: 40*2 + 2 = 482.

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Happening to me as well. Was at 100% for Pflugerville Texas, now it is dropped to 97.39% but shows 0 Incomplete streets.


There must be something in the update code that isn’t properly updating the percentages when the city updates.

I have the same thing going on with one of mine that updated this week.

Looks like more work for @JamesChevalier :frowning:


It looks like there are (at least) two issues…

  1. The street count is not being updated on the city - you can see this when the city lists that there are e.g. 487 streets, but the tabs list e.g. 0 incomplete & 482 complete
    • If the street count is incorrect, then the percentage values will never be correct
    • Oops, I see that the count is updated prior to zero-node streets being deleted :man_facepalming: well at least that’s an easy fix :flushed: :grimacing:
  2. The percentage values aren’t being recalculated - you can see this in the first post, where the street count is correct but the percentage isn’t 100%
    • :thinking: I’m unsure what the cause of this is … I could see this being delayed but that would only be a 1-2 hour delay … I’ll need to look into this further

I’ve marked this post as the “Solution” so that it’s pinned to the top of the thread while I work on it. I’ll provide status updates here as I work to completely fix this issue.

As of January 28th, issue 1 (The street count is not being updated on the city) should be resolved. I spot-checked a few cities and the counts lined up.

Jan 30: I think I just spotted the problem for the percentage values not being updated. It looks like an easy fix, if this turns out to be it. Keep an eye in #announcements for details on when that’s released.


Oh no, I’ve just realised Islington London Borough of Islington, England - CityStrides has this issue too (though it hasn’t been updated this time around yet). Does this mean I’ll never get to 100%? Was hoping I would be one it’s been synced :frowning:


I think there is a third issue: see Leidschendam-Voorburg, Zuid-Holland - CityStrides

My percentage was updated (the city dropped in my city list), but I cannot make the calculated percentage correct for either the stated number of streets (644), or the actual number (619). Based on my percentage (3.55%) and completed streets (41) the total should be ~1154, which is way off. So that makes me think there is another issue.
I checked the top striders in the city too, an their percentages are off too, although for all of them it seems to imply a total of about 675 streets.

Hope that helps, good luck! :bug: :bow_and_arrow:

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The fact that the total number of completed + uncompleted streets does not match the total number of streets in the city, it’s also very frustrating and has nothing to do with OSM. It looks like it’s impossible to reach out 100% if having 0 uncompleted streets shows a 98.64% completion.

@JamesChevalier Maybe you could take the number of completed + uncompleted streets (that is always the same for all the striders) as the total number to be shown in each city?

I moved your post here, because this is the more relevant thread for the issue you’re pointing out.

I’m keeping notes on my progress in the “Solved by” post that’s linked from the first post in this thread. This is the direct link to that post: No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier

The good news is that the street count issue should be resolved now. New updates will resolve that issue going forward (and I’m going to see if I can manually fix the existing cities with this issue).

There’s still a lingering issue of some percentages not being recalculated after the update. I’m still looking into that.


Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I’ve got a bit of a variant on the theme here in Medford, MA Medford, Massachusetts - CityStrides

I was the first of two to 100% by a couple months I think (finished up over the summer). Now it seems that I have been bumped back down a bit and the second finisher is still at 100%. So perhaps there is something to do with how recent the data is as well? Not sure how that would factor in. Perhaps not so helpful, but thought it was worth throwing out there.

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One possibility is that the other runner ran roads that weren’t in CityStrides at the time. (I’ve been busy adding roads to OpenStreetMap, some of which I’ve run.) When those roads didn’t exist in CityStrides, they didn’t affect either of your percentages. However, once those streets were imported into CityStrides, they showed up on his completed list since he had already run them, but they weren’t on your list since you didn’t know there were there.

I’m not saying that’s what happened, just that it’s a possibility.


A strong theory. I guess that would theoretically work itself out once I can see if any new roads show up as incomplete.

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Seconding this as it’s exactly what I do when I see a new development going up. If asphalt looks cured and nobody yells at me, I run the streets knowing that one day they’ll end up in OSM & CS. Post run I’ll check OSM to see if they have been added already but a lot of times the satellite view is to out of date and thus I can’t draw proper lines until that happens. At least CS has those GPS points to process in future.


It is odd. I have no new streets or nodes to complete for my town but my percentage is 99.37% versus 100 since the OS updated. I have been waiting to see what will show, but nothing has happened.

Anyone else have this happen and know what to do?


Yes, you’re not alone. I posted about my issue in the Now Testing: City street/node updates thread. No response yet, but James is a busy guy so I’m being patient.


I noticed that all my %s for any area that had some sort of OSM change got wonky, even the ones that were less than 100% and then had new roads added. For instance had one county at ~90% added 2 or 3 streets and my % went down to the ~60s. Can’t remember the exact numbers because the next time I ran in them the % updated to the “correct” amount. However I’m not sure if/how this will happen if you’re already at 100% and there are no new roads to run, like for the 3 of us that were at 100% of Brookline and are now all at 99.54%

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I’m in this club too! Also posted in “Now Testing

210128 Keller 100

Don’t recall where I read it, but I’m thinking a bit more “processing” needs to run.

PS: I am curios where the “15” (999-984) are?

I thiiiiink this is No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier

// @kevincharlespels @ericjrw @jason

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I am so confused… But I also just finished 3 :beer: and half a bottle of red :wine_glass: .

So the wait is on for another update?

Keep up the good work James!

As my home town Lidingö only has so few streets, I have paged through them here and verified that the count of 561 complete and 26 incomplete is correct, so 586 total. The number shown, 82.59% of 611 streets is wrong.

@JamesChevalier is it possible to extract a list of these 611 streets? Then I could easily find the errors…