Updates on January 27, 2021

The biggest part of this release is that the map display code has been completely rewritten. In the old version, every page that had a map on it was its own island. It was a completely isolated map experience on each page.

This was :moneybag: EXPENSIVE :moneybag: because Mapbox charges per map load. That means every time you went to a page with a map on it, it costed me money. :scream:

It was also :snail: SLOW :snail: because it needed to rebuild the entire map experience every time you went to a new page.

Now that itโ€™s a single map instance throughout your visit, you should notice that itโ€™s a bit faster. You might notice some new transitions within the map, as well. One example is when you begin your visit on the page for a city very far away from you. If you then visit your LifeMap, itโ€™ll zoom/pan you over instead of popping over.

  • :rocket: rewrite the map so itโ€™s a single persistent instance throughout your entire visit
  • :rocket: improve some background job queuing so there are fewer duplicates
  • :paintbrush: set a max width on activity/user cards
  • :paintbrush: slightly adjust the design of focused items (clicked-in forms, etc)
  • :paintbrush: adjust the pagination design a little bit
  • :nerd_face: package updates
  • :nerd_face: upgrade to Rails 6.1

Oh! Also! I fixed a bug (The street count not being updated on the city after the updates run) which will help keep everyoneโ€™s percentages accurate No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier