Windsor Locks, CT City Stride map doesn't match to OSM

Light Ln show correctly in OSM but not in City Stride Map missing nodes.
Perimeter Rd nodes are on Light Ln but OSM doesn’t show this.

When was the city last updated in CityStrides? When were the changes made in OpenStreetMap?

Also, are you talking about nodes or the visual map on CityStrides?

Assuming it’s this one (Windsor Locks, Connecticut - CityStrides). Last update was Oct. 16th.

Found three ‘Light Lane’ ways (Way: ‪Light Lane‬ (‪511641439‬) | OpenStreetMap, Way: ‪Light Lane‬ (‪17170705‬) | OpenStreetMap & Way: ‪Light Lane‬ (‪17170708‬) | OpenStreetMap); all have edits in Nov. 2020 so those edits haven’t made it into CityStrides yet.

@atrought that should be corrected the next time CityStrides pulls in new data for Windsor Locks.


The first question I can’t answer. I did make changes to OSM yesterday but not to the listed streets in my question. I am new to this so I am still learning. As such, I don’t know the relation between the OSM points and the visible nodes in CityStride. I assume there is a correlation.

I am still learning about CityStrides and the OSM. I followed CityStride support forum on correcting CityStride nodes that are not accessible. I corrected 2 streets (North St and Woodland Hollow lane). But while doing this saw the issue with Light Ln and Perimeter Road. You list what looks to be versions. I didn’t see this when editing OSM. I just followed links to the map I edited.

Do you know how often CityStrides pulls new data? Can we request this?

There isn’t a specific set frequency for updates (to my knowledge). They run in batches and only admin can track/see progress . Last mention/guess by admin was ~49 days but I may be misreading that and it’s meant for something else. There isn’t a request feature currently so we all just patiently wait for our chosen cities to be picked up.

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