Not able to see other users' city maps

I track my progress along with a couple friends. For the last week or two, whenever I check their maps for our city (Colorado Springs), it shows my city data instead. I can still see their LifeMaps, the issue only occurs when looking at their city view. Any idea why that might be happening?

Can confirm this happens to me as well. @JamesChevalier my replication steps are:

  1. Go to city page for my own account

  2. Alter URL so user ID is 1 (ie you) and leave city ID in URL

  3. Load page and it shows my city progress lines vs what should be a blank map for you

Yeah, it’s tied to the changes in Updates on January 10, 2022 (Release 463)

You can now toggle your LifeMap on any page… but viewing a city page doesn’t load another LifeMap, so you’re just showing/hiding your own LifeMap - even if you’re looking at someone else’s city page
Cleaning up the LifeMap, in all its forms across the entire site, is my main focus for February.