Nodes Completed but not on LifeMap

I’ve got an interesting challenge - I ran this neighborhood last spring (Strava runs attached), and if you look at my LifeMap, the nodes are gone (mostly, not sure why the stragglers are there) but the purple completed lines aren’t there. I would love to not have to run this neighborhood again. It sucked.

Any thoughts?

There was a bug in the plugin I use to generate activity visuals & that affected the LifeMap for many people.

I thought I fixed all the problem activities, so either I didn’t (and need to fix more) or I did (and it’s just that the LifeMap needs to be recreated) … if it’s the latter, then that is delayed a bit CityStrides

Can you find those activities in CityStrides & share the links to them? That would help me correct the map visuals.


Thanks for your help Jim!

Also, in the same timeframe and similar problem, March 24th:

Hope that helps.

There we go! That’s fixed up now.
I noticed there were another 48 activities with the same problem, so I ran some code to fix those as well. Your LifeMap is still being updated for those 48, but it looks like it only takes a minute or so for your data to generate.


You sir, are AMAZING. As usual, all my gratitude to you. :pray: