Nodehunter not showing incomplete nodes

Have an odd one here, not a big deal but weird… I have found several streets where I am missing a few nodes, and they show up as red when I search for the street and look at just the street, but the missing nodes don’t show up in Nodehunter when I search the same area (even zoomed way in to avoid the node limit).

For example if I search for Voltaire Street in San Diego ( Voltaire Street in San Diego, California - CityStrides ) I can see two incomplete nodes at the east end off Rosecrans, but when I look in my life map ( Ali 007's Map View - CityStrides ) and turn on Nodehunter there are no red nodes there, only on adjacent streets. The same thing happens with Udall Street. I tried Nodehunter on both my desktop and phone and it is the same result.

Like I said not a big deal at all, but makes it a bit more difficult when searching for incomplete streets in an area. Let me know if I can provide more info!

Completed streets do not appear in Node Hunter. Sounds like you should toss a vote onto User Setting: Hard Mode

D’oh… sorry, should have figured that one out! I am definitely in favor of hard mode.
Even if hard mode isn’t official, for those of us that want to go after 100% of nodes\streets - is there any easy way to find nodes we have missed then? It looks like the main options are looking at every completed street to see if it is 100% or not (looking at them as they are completed going forward), or scouring the LifeMap for potential blank spots then looking up those streets. Anything else obvious I am missing?