Node Progress to City Stats

Pretty sure this has been discussed before, but I can’t find a thread with this exact idea. With the addition of hard mode and city statistics on the city page, I feel that tracking the # of complete (or incomplete) nodes in a city could be useful. Something as simple as “9900 / 10000 (99%) nodes complete” in the city stats section would help with tracking progress, especially for hard mode users.

I know there’s always a lot of discussion about how nodes are not an accurate tracking metric (curved vs straight roads), but in the end, it’s just another way to gauge your progress. I’d be interested in seeing this for my cities and feel it would be fun to watch that number grow as I track down the nodes.

Hey Zach - this idea has been surfaced a few times previously, see:

  1. Alternative completeness metric
  2. Multiple statistics for cities
  3. Add total node count

You can read through those to see previous conversations about the topic. From what I can tell there is no obvious alignment about this being unanimously desired. You mention most of the points that have been made previously. Pros: additional stat, it’s fun. Cons: potentially meaningless, cluttering page.