Add total node count

Not all streets are created equal - some have just a couple nodes, and some have 500+.

With the current street count method, I can easily run a neighborhood and knock out 20 streets. There are also very long streets that would take several runs to complete.

Total node count would be a cool addition to our total streets. Is this unnecessary? Probably. Although I think it could be a neat statistic.

It’s been discussed many times in the past and the problem is that node count isn’t a great surrogate for length or difficulty of a road, so it’s just kinda random information. Case in point, a long straight road will often (but not always) have less nodes than a shorter, curvier road.

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I agree with Kevin. Nodes can be just the number of driveways. And in say a grid city a node can just only be a street corner. I live in a rural area and might not hit a node for a mile. Also not all cities have have people update and add every house snd driveway.

My apologies, I wasn’t aware this had been discussed before.

Thanks for the feedback, Kevin and Missie.

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No problem, welcome to the community and happy to have engaged members :+1: