Alternative completeness metric: nodes instead of streets

Something all users quickly learn about CityStrides is that completeness is based on street counts, not total distance. This makes obvious sense from the perspective of database management, as well as tracking progress on a street-by-street basis.

However, this tends to under-represent the true completeness of runners that live inner-city or downtown vs those that live, work or run in the suburbs. Most city centers are more grid-like, and the streets there tend to be much longer (say 2km for a downtown street vs 200m for cul-de-sac).

Is it easy (or desired) to include a view into completeness as a function of nodes completed? Either as an additional metric, or as a toggle option with the existing street completeness.

I would also like to see this. Looking at the map of my area (rural), I’d say I’ve ran at least a fifth of all roads maybe a fourth, maybe more, however I’m barerly touching 8% as I tend to go for the long roads, some up two 20km, rather than the small town centers consisting of 100m-streets.

Nodes could be tricky as the density varies for each road (in my area curved streets have WAY more nodes than straight ones). However, maybe mileage of roads within the city would be a good alternative? Or better yet a toggle so you could choose whichever you wanted!

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I found this thread by way of @davemorin most excellent wiki page:

My 2 cents is there is a) completeness, but the is also miles it took to get that degree of completeness.

City A has 100 streets with, for easy math, an average of 1 mile per street.
City B has 50 streets, with an average of 4 miles per street.

To get 100% in city A means running 100 miles (I’m sure it’s not that simple, but again easy math. :slight_smile:

To get 100% in city B means running 200 miles.

Therefore, completing city B’s 50 streets, was twice as hard as completing city A’s 100 streets.

But how to show that? How to add up all those numbers? Is there a distance for each city?

Sounds like this is was what @danchaitow was trying to say! It’s all about the miles, but how to show it?

Good thread!

Cheers, Eric